01 December 2014

Back to reality

Trip's over and back to reality.

Loved the easy going lifestyle there though a majority may find it a bore. Though a tad backwards and pretty much a farcry from Singapore it was a lovely change, away from the hussle and bussle of the city life.

Time spent there visiting the family was the main purpose, was nice having that same bond throughout the stay there with the bf too, makes one think why did I not make this a weekly issue in the past. Used to think travelling from the North all the way to the West was a big issue and now that they've moved... the West was never really that far afterall. Seeing the darling cousins after 2 years they've definately grown and adapted well in Oz and not forgetting their impeccable english that would very likely put most adults to shame here. Though most would think its a waste of time to visit same ol boring Perth time after time again I beg to differ. At least I get to see the family, I bond I'd never want to lose.


Popped a surprise visit on Vonn and Judee though the main one was supposed to be @ Curtin backfired (: Bad planning. Can't wait for the girls to be back for the hols and perhaps more....steak hunting?

06 March 2009


Am still reeling in from the shock or rather surprise. A really pleasant one from the dearies. Never did I expect that not in a million years along with collaborations with the bf and my two annoying sisters thanks to the two main masterminds Anna & Amir. It was the absolute sweetest thing ever.. this is what donkey years of friendship does for you :) A special heartfelt thanks to the dolls.. and also mural though his presence was missed.

The girls.. a pic thats customary at every gathering :P

The lovlies... and this time + the bf

The MAIN mastermind "Strawberry Shortcake" Anna who's absolutely bent on kidnapping my dear Hazel and forcing her into marriage :X

Loved the Tiffy gift or maybe I should just say.. the pretty little blue box topped with a lovely white ribbon :D

22 February 2009

Becky Bloomwood

Anticipation's over (: My absolute obessesion

Becky Bloomwood out of the books (finally!!) and onto the big screens and hopefully her other sequels to come.. 'nuff said :D

19 February 2009


Am tired of the hussle and bustle of the city life, of the crappy job, of a relationship that was once there, of maintaining the fake plastered on smile each and every day.

A one way ticket to nowhere alone or a backpacking trip would be perfect just right about now. Just to put all frustrations and relations aside and start life anew in perhaps a quiet foreign town.

If only life were a fairytale.

09 February 2009

Liming's 'surprise' 23rd :D

An advanced surprise celebration for our dearest Liming... cake, pendant (in which anna and me both fell in love with then after), dinner.. summarized.


25 January 2009

Shiya's 23rd

Our dear Shiya's 23rd birthday.. first in the group to turn a good ol' 23 (:

Happy Birthday hunnnnn!!!!! So.... when's the wedding *grins*

Our dear birthday girl

The lovely couple... *Mr & Mrs Lin* unofficially...? (:

The ladies.. 10 years and still going

A glimpse of the past... **shiya dear i'm soooo sorry i couldnt find a pic of the 5 of us**

25 December 2008

Merry christmas


Been hanging out with my girls mucho..

A tiny love declaration to me girlies..... I LOVE U BABES!!!

More outtings and *ehem* mani(s) to come......? Am so gonna miss my email companion anna dearest come Friday... I sooooooooooo wanna tag along :D

01 December 2008


Feels strangely odd when you're suddenly aware of the existance of cousins, cousins you haven't heard from in years, over a decade in my case, and first cousins at that. Little tykes when we were first met and yet we never did maintain that contact for what reason I never did knew. Lost touch, no news or whatsoever and suddenly a reappearance thanks to the parents trying their luck to bump into dad at the Zoo which they eventually did a couple of days back. Not too keen on a reaquaintance as of yet as anti-social as I may sound.. feels rather awkward to be thrown into a situation as such and knowing one's a model brings lesser self assurance. Well everyone's alittle judgemental every now and then, not that I'm not proud of a family member doing well but the years apart havent made it easier. While some may be accepting others may put it as riding on their fame to success. As horrid as I may sound its pretty much a general opinion nothing for nor against. Would love to rekindle that lost relationship but knowing me it would probably take some time. Will just leave it to the drama queen little sis of mine to accomplish it, she is afterall way capable of such a task.

The little darling Ryan on the otherhand's doing great in Aussie. Moving was a good choice, being there allowance him to further expand on his capabilities. Got a note from his dad on him being nominated for some prestigious award which will be featured on chann 7 in western australia.

Am reflecting on myself. I think I messed up a tad during the childhood years, not too late to change that yet I'm feeling down. Have never been one who's too accepting of failures of any sort yet I still have no clue as where or what to venture forward for/to.

Becks what the fuck are you doing with your life?!

19 November 2008

In a nutshell, relationships are more of a curse than a blessing. Take a look around its pretty self explanatory.

05 November 2008

Worries of a worrywart

The little sister's growing up. Alittle too fast perhaps. I think I'm a tad paranoid or maybe just a worrywart.. can't help it seeing the teens these days. Am afraid of her messing up her life or getting into unneccessary trouble yet putting it through to her seems hard, she takes it so negatively that it infuriates me.

Hopefully she'll grow up soon enough to understand.. it ain't just being a parent that's hard but the eldest of the "herd" thats just as bad.

That aside, I realise time passes EXTREMELY fast and with the numerous news of weddings going around I'm freaking out. Perhaps its just the word "marriage" that strikes a fear chord somewhere within me.. this is bad.. so very bad. Selfish.. maybe but I'm contented with my current standing with a burden free load without bills to lookout for every month. At least the roof over my head's still FOC (: