01 December 2014

Back to reality

Trip's over and back to reality.

Loved the easy going lifestyle there though a majority may find it a bore. Though a tad backwards and pretty much a farcry from Singapore it was a lovely change, away from the hussle and bussle of the city life.

Time spent there visiting the family was the main purpose, was nice having that same bond throughout the stay there with the bf too, makes one think why did I not make this a weekly issue in the past. Used to think travelling from the North all the way to the West was a big issue and now that they've moved... the West was never really that far afterall. Seeing the darling cousins after 2 years they've definately grown and adapted well in Oz and not forgetting their impeccable english that would very likely put most adults to shame here. Though most would think its a waste of time to visit same ol boring Perth time after time again I beg to differ. At least I get to see the family, I bond I'd never want to lose.


Popped a surprise visit on Vonn and Judee though the main one was supposed to be @ Curtin backfired (: Bad planning. Can't wait for the girls to be back for the hols and perhaps more....steak hunting?

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